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To take Certificate of National Procurement Expert 2014, please contact: Procurement Services Unit(ULP) UB Main Office Floor 4th Phone. (0341) 575816 Fax. (0341) 575200. Thank you. *Certificate retrieval began tgl.29 December 2014 “As Rule of Head LKPP No.9 Th. 2014, owner certificate must fill out a logbook through in Information Systems Certification”

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Three people from the University Syiah Aceh ULP visit ULP UB, Wednesday (17/12). All three received directly by the ULP head with other ULP team. ULP head UB Mr. Dr.Ir.Achmad As’ad Sonief, MT convey little exposure of the ULP UB ranging from history and introduce the parts in this unit. In this meeting talked about [...]

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hasil ujian 2014

Hasil Ujian Hasil Ujian Sertifikasi PBJP berbasis Kertas 2014 22 Nopember 2014, Unit Layanan Pengadaan Universitas Brawijaya – Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Malang.pdf

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